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Bear Viewing

A huge Kodiak bear climbs the riverbank across from you in plain view, his white claws gleaming in the sunlight. He glances at you and then stretches out for a nap. Suddenly, a bear charges out of the woods to your left and into the river. She pounces on a salmon and carries it to a fallen log. You hear bones crunch as she consumes her lunch, and you hope your video camera is picking up the sound. Splashing water and pounding feet cause you to lift your head from your camera and glance to your right, where you see one bear chasing another bear down the middle of the river. The lead bear has a salmon in his mouth, and his pursuer seems intent on stealing the prize. You realize that you are nearly surrounded by bears and look nervously at your guide, but when he smiles and nods, you return to the difficult task of deciding upon which bear to focus your camera first. This is Bear Viewing with Munsey's Bear Camp.

Bear Viewer Photographs Bear
The Kodiak Archipelago has a thriving population of more than 3,500 Bears. Click here for more information on the Kodiak bear.

The best time to observe these big bears is during the summer months when they are feeding on wild Alaskan salmon.

These viewing conditions are ideal for photography and videography.

We take small groups of no more than six people in order to minimize the impact and ensure a quality Bear Viewing experience.

Unlike many popular bear viewing locations in Alaska, such as in Katmai National Park, we are not restricted to viewing platforms or designated areas. We are able to go where the bears are and enter their world as quiet observers. There are no crowds of people. Please keep in mind, however, that you do have to be in good physical shape for our bear viewing trips. Hikes of 3 - 5 miles are not uncommon to get to where the bears are feeding upstream.

Watching Alaska's Kodiak Brown Bear Chase Salmon
Kodiak Bear Chasing Salmon

Bear Viewing Lodge After an adventurous day of watching bears and wildlife, we return to the lodge for a home-cooked meal prepared by our resident chef.
Accommodations at our remote wilderness lodge are comfortable and private. Guest cabins have private bathrooms with hot and cold running water, showers, and spacious sitting rooms.

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Vacation tours are available during July, August, and September. In addition to watching and photographing bears, our clients also enjoy fishing for Alaska Halibut and Salmon, birding, whale watching and enjoying the scenery aboard our 43-foot charter boat. Bear Viewing Boat

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