Bear and Wildlife Viewing with Munseys, Kodiak Alaska Alaska's Kodiak Brown Bear Pictures, Video, Info
Bear and Wildlife Viewing with Munseys, Kodiak Alaska Alaska Kodiak Brown Bear Viewing Fishing Kodiak Halibut and Salmon Prices for Bear and Wildlife Viewing Munsey's Bear Camp Information Bear and Wildlife Viewing with Munseys, Kodiak Alaska
Bear viewing, halibut and salmon fishing, and wildlife tours offered at a remote lodge on Kodiak Island, Alaska.
Complete vacation trips include guided bear-viewing trips, fishing, hiking, whale watching and wildlife photography. All lodging, meals, and daily activities are included in price.

Bear Viewing

Kodiak Island offers some of the best bear viewing
in Alaska, and it is the only place in the world where you can watch the famous Kodiak bear in its natural habitat. At Munsey's Bear Camp, we offer fully-guided-bear-viewing trips on the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge with one of the most experienced bear guides in Alaska, while also providing you the luxury of staying at a comfortable lodge. Experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of watching and photographing these magnificent bears chase salmon and interact with each other in their natural environment.

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Kodiak Brown Bear
watching Bear Cubs
Bear and Wildlife Video Kodiak Bear and Wildlife Viewing Video
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In addition to viewing Kodiak bears, you will see an abundance of other wildlife, including bald eagles, black-tailed deer, foxes, seals, and puffins. On a cruise to the mouth of Uyak bay, you can watch sea otter and marvel at huge fin whales. You may also catch a glimpse of humpback whales or see a pod of killer whales cruise through the bay in search of food. More on Wildlife Viewing

See Puffins
Sea Otter in Alaska
Sea Otter
Bald Eagles
Bald Eagle
Kodiak Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat
Sithka Black-Tailed Deer
Sitka Deer


Steller Sea Lions

Cross Fox

Kodiak Fishing for Halibut and Salmon

Guided Fishing for Alaska Halibut and Salmon
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Guests enjoy guided fishing, wildlife viewing, and cruising aboard our 43- foot charter boat.

Lodge with Private Cabins
Guest cabins at the lodge are comfortable and private. Cabins are fully furnished, have private bathrooms with hot showers and WiFi satellite internet. All meals, snacks and refreshments are included.
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To learn more about Kodiak bears, their biology, behavior, and management, as well as the history of the relationship between bears and humans on Kodiak Island, visit our Kodiak Bear Information Page.
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